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Over 20 years experience throughout the US & around the world.  In the last several years, I've photo'd something over 20 Shopping Centers, dozens of Apartment/Condo Complexes, Extended Care Facilities and numerous industrial installations.
Location Photography
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Over the last several years, I've covered all of the lower 48 states, criss-crossing the US several times & photo'd from Maine to California, from Oregon to Florida, from Texas to Minnesota & many places in between.

Eugene, OR Branson, MO Rockville, MD Amarillo, TX
Eugene, OR Branson, MO Rockville, MD Amarillo, TX
Poulsbo, WA Beaverton, OR
Poulsbo, WA Beaverton, OR
Eureka, CA Branson, MO San Antonio, TX Branson, MO
Eureka, CA Branson, MO San Antonio, TX Branson, MO
Reading, PA Branson, MO Atlanta GA  Eureka, CA
Reading, PA Jacksonville, FL Atlanta, GA Eureka, CA
Kennesaw GA 
Port Arthur, TX Kennesaw, GA Atlanta, GA

Current Focus
I do a lot of traveling now - Over the last several years I've been in every state of the lower 48, many several times. I shoot digitally.

Photographic Capabilities
I have converted a trailer into an office with telephones, computers, scanners, printers, CD/DVD recorders, wireless web connections. I can move my office/studio to any corner of the country.

Photo Assignments I've done
  • Web & Print Layouts throughout the US for
  • Contractors 
    Mgmt Firms 
  • Multimedia for IBM
  •   in Hawaii
      in Bermuda
      in Vancouver, Canada
      in Acapulco, Mexico
      in Miami
      in San Francisco
  • Catalogs for Kawasaki Motorcycles, General Marble, Borg-Warner
  • Brochures for CitiCorp, Sanyo
  • Billboards for Sapporo
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